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Inuit Wellness provides services and support to help women on their journey to health and wellbeing through Breathwork, Sister circles, and Workshops - Online and in-person. We hope you join us!

~ My intention is to create a space for women to feel supported, loved, and connected~

 Hello, I'm Shannon Kay ~ I'm a Mother and a daughter, a teacher and a student, a giver, and a taker, an eternal spirit in a mortal body - just like you, I am human!

 Join me on this adventure to uncover our higher potential and to live life with authenticity and love. 



  • Massage & Energy Therapy 18+years

  • Health Promotion & Health Education| ASU

  • Control Your Breath Control Your Life certificate

  • Certified Breathwork Instructor ~ Yogalap

  • Guided Meditation and Women's circles

  • Continuing Education in qigong, dream yoga, cranial sacral, & energy coaching


~ I intend to help women learn to be more in tune with their bodies and inner femininity ~

Hi! I am Angela, the younger half of this company. And just like you, I yearn to better myself and learn more. Because of this, the community is very important to me, and helping people is my goal.

I hope to see you soon!

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