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Shannon Zurhaar Owner of Intuit Wellness


 I'm Shannon Kay ~ a Mother and a daughter, a teacher and a student, a giver and a taker, an eternal spirit in a mortal body - just like you, I am human on this journey called life.  My intention is to create a nurturing space for women to release trauma, stress, and anxiety while also cultivating more gratitude, clarity, and self-compassion by using the power of their own breath.

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My Story:

In 2016 I made a big move from Phoenix, Arizona to a small village in The Netherlands. What was supposed to be an exciting adventure turned into a debilitating burnout. Prior to moving out of the country, I was busy doing things that most women were doing; going to college to get a degree, taking care of a family, and having a successful career. Even though I was in the wellness industry, I neglected to prioritize caring for my-self. Years of taking on too many projects, unable to set clear boundaries with family and friends, and not listening to my body’s intuition led me to a dark, disconnected, and lonely place. I turned to motivational coaches and self-help gurus, but all the traditional mind-set coaching just made me feel worse about my situation- I couldn’t think myself happy and productive! Then I came upon breathwork, and immediately felt calmer, more connected to the present moment and my body. With each breathwork session, I felt stored trauma, stress, and pent-up fear and frustration leave my body, I felt lighter and had more clarity about my life. Through practicing breathwork I came to realize I was living in a state of constant fight or flight and my body was holding on to all the stress, trauma, and pain that I hadn’t dealt with over the years. I couldn’t think my way out of the darkness, I had to feel my way out. After experiencing my own transformation using breathwork, I knew I wanted to help other women who might be going through the downward spiral of burnout and hopefully prevent it. I founded Intuit Women’s Wellness in the Netherlands in 2020 and started facilitating breathwork and meditation sessions to women from all over the world. I happily made Knoxville my home in 2022 where I continue to support women on their healing journey through breathwork.


  • Massage & Energy Therapy ~ 19+ years | Utah College of Massage Therapy 

  • Health Promotion / Health Education  | Arizona State University 

  • Control Your Breath Control Your Life Certificate | Tim van der Vilet

  • Breathwork Instructor Certificate | Yoga Lap 

  • Guided Meditation & Womens Circles ~ 3+ years

  • Continuing Education in qigong, dream yoga, cranial sacral, energy coaching and other Somatic Therapy techniques

  • Lifelong student!

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