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Free Breathwork Class Online

Breathe in the power of positive transformation in the comfort of your own home!

Service Description

Are you looking for a gentle and safe method that lets your body use it's own innate wisdom to move you into alignment and wellbeing? Then Intuit Breathwork is for you- a class where you get to lie down in a safe environment and just breathe. In this Online class, Shannon will guide you through a gentle breath-work practice to help you relax and strengthen your Mind-Body connection, followed by guided meditation for self-compassion and love. It is perfect for beginners, as well as for anyone with experience. Breathwork has been beneficial for many people to: Release stored trauma Relieve pain stored in the body Release energy blockages Turn off the critic in the brain (or at least turn it to a low volume) Bring awareness to our heart center Get clear on our purpose and goals Bring compassion to ourselves to allow healing Let go and forgive Truly connect with our body and inner wisdom Accept personal responsibility and gain freedom Bring about a deep sense of gratitude and peace Feel connected to a higher power/self I invite you to join me in a session and see for yourself! By using the breath, we can turn off the critic in our mind and tap into our hearts where gratitude, love, and joy reside. What to expect: In this group session, we will go over the breath technique to get you comfortable (ask me your questions) I will then guide you through a rhythmic breath pattern for a about 25 minutes, while listening to music (headphones highly sugested) - we will finish with a heart opening meditation. This session will take place on Zoom, please look for an email with link and other information via email 12+ hours before class time (if you don't see the email, please check spam/junk or email me for the link).

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Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

*No Refunds for Circles, Breathwork classes, or Workshops! Please help me keep the option for cash and to "pay at the door" by showing up! No Shows and cancellations less than 72 hours will be sent an invoice and can pay online or Venmo (except for sudden sickness or emergencies - please email me and let me know). *If payment is required before the event and Intuit cancels, you will receive a full refund. You may cancel personal appointments without charge up to 24 hours prior your appointment. Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the scheduled service price. If you do not email to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged full price for the scheduled service.

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